The Secret Wife of Louis XIV

The Secret Wife of Louis XIV Author Veronica Buckley
ISBN-10 9781429934718
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 528
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Françoise d'Aubigné, marquise de Maintenon and secret wife of the Sun King, Louis XIV, was born in a bleak French prison in 1635, her father a condemned traitor and murderer, her mother the warden's seduced daughter. A timely pardon and a hopeful Caribbean colonial venture failed to mend the family's fortunes, and Françoise was reduced to begging in the streets. Yet, armed with beauty, intellect, and shrewd judgment, she was to make her way to the center of power at Versailles, the most opulent and ambitious court in all Europe. At fifteen, she was married off to the forty-two-year-old satirical poet Paul Scarron, a former roué now grievously deformed by rheumatism—"a sort of human Z," as he described himself. Despite his ailments, Scarron presided over the liveliest and most scandalous literary salon in Paris, and Françoise quickly became its most prized ornament. After Scarron's death, she enjoyed a merry widowhood in the fashionable Marais district, in the company of the courtesan Ninon de Lenclos and the King's splendid mistress, Athénaïs de Montespan, who made the young widow governess to her brood of illegitimate children. The appointment transformed Françoise's life, but was fatal to the temperamental Athénaïs herself, with the King soon turning his attentions to the graceful governess. Françoise was raised to the nobility as Madame de Maintenon—and, unofficially, "Madame de Maintenant," the lady of the moment. The acclaimed biographer Veronica Buckley traces the extraordinary story of Françoise's progress from pauper child to salonnière to the compromised position of Louis's secret wife and uncrowned Queen. An absolute ruler, Louis turned away his many other mistresses to live with Françoise only, trusting her as his closest confidante and remaining in love with her for forty years. Sparkling with the irresistible wit of contemporary chroniclers such as Madame de Sévigné, this exactingly researched biography is a pinnacle of the form. In vibrant colors, The Secret Wife of Louis XIV paints a portrait of Europe in an age of violent change, and the Sun King's France in the process of becoming its modern self.

Madame de Maintenon

Madame de Maintenon Author Veronica Buckley
ISBN-10 0747580987
Release 2008
Pages 452
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Françoise d'Aubigné was born in a bleak provincial fortress in 1635, her father a condemned murderer and traitor. Yet during her lifetime she managed to make her way from desperate poverty, via the bountiful and treacherous Caribbean islands, to a brilliant salon life in Paris and the centre of power at Versailles. Married at fifteen to forty-two-year-old Paul Scarron, tragically disfigured and scandalously popular poet of the burlesque, Françoise encountered in her husband's famous salon all the brilliant, beautiful, comic and tragic characters of the seventeenth-century's glitterati.After his death she led the life of a merry widow among her friends in the Marais quarter of Paris, before being chosen by the King's mistress, Athénaïs de Montespan, as governess for her growing brood of royal bâtards.Leaving the pleasures of the Marais behind her, Françoise began a new life at court, first at the genteel palace of Saint-Germain, then at the King's fabulous new folly of Versailles. This is the extraordinary story of Françoise's progress from governess to royal mistress and thence, in secret, to the compromised position of Louis' uncrowned Queen. Through the rags-to-riches tale of the marquise de Maintenon Veronica Buckley reveals every layer of the vibrant and shocking world that was France in the age of Louis XIV.


Athenais Author Lisa Hilton
ISBN-10 9780316030458
Release 2007-10-15
Pages 368
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In her superb new biography, Hilton chronicles the life of this extraordinary woman, known as "the real Queen of France," who reigned as official mistress to Louis XIV during the most glorious period of "the splendid century."

Love and Louis XIV

Love and Louis XIV Author Antonia Fraser
ISBN-10 9780297857921
Release 2008-09-18
Pages 512
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Mistresses and wives, mothers and daughters - Antonia Fraser brilliantly explores the relationships which existed between The Sun King and the women in his life. This includes not only Louis XIV's mistresses, principally Louise de La Vallière, Athénaïs de Montespan, and the puritanical Madame de Maintenon, but also the wider story of his relationships with women in general, including his mother Anne of Austria, his two sisters-in-law who were Duchesses d'Orléans in succession, Henriette-Anne and Liselotte, his wayward illegitimate daughters, and lastly Adelaide, the beloved child-wife of his grandson.

Dialogues and Addresses

Dialogues and Addresses Author Madame de Maintenon
ISBN-10 0226502406
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 216
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Born Françoise d'Aubigné, a criminal's daughter reduced to street begging as a child, Madame de Maintenon (1653-1719) made an improbable rise from impoverished beginnings to the summit of power as the second, secret wife of Louis XIV. An educational reformer, Maintenon founded and directed the celebrated academy for aristocratic women at Saint-Cyr. This volume presents the dialogues and addresses in which Maintenon explains her controversial philosophy of education for women. Denounced by her contemporaries as a political schemer and religious fanatic, Maintenon has long been criticized as an opponent of gender equality. The writings in this volume faithfully reflect Maintenon's respect for social hierarchy and her stoic call for women to accept the duties of their state in life. But the writings also echo Maintenon's more feminist concerns: the need to redefine the virtues in the light of women's experience, the importance of naming the constraints on women's freedom, and the urgent need to remedy the scandalous neglect of the education of women. In her writings as well as in her own model school at Saint-Cyr, Maintenon embodies the demand for educational reform as the key to the empowerment of women at the dawn of modernity.

The Affair of the Poisons

The Affair of the Poisons Author Anne Somerset
ISBN-10 0312330170
Release 2004-10-12
Pages 377
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Documents a series of high-level murders committed by women in France's seventeenth-century royal court who obtained poisons from Paris's underworld, discussing the investigative commission that exposed the killings and uncovered a threat to King Louis XIV. 20,000 first printing.

Before Versailles

Before Versailles Author Karleen Koen
ISBN-10 1402275900
Release 2012
Pages 373
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Originally published: [New York?]: Crown Pub., 2011.

A Woman s Life in the Court of the Sun King

A Woman s Life in the Court of the Sun King Author Charlotte-Elisabeth Orléans (duchesse d')
ISBN-10 0801856353
Release 1997
Pages 287
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On 16 November 1671, Liselotte von der Pfalz, the nineteen-year-old daughter of the Elector of Palatine, was married to Philippe d'Orleans, "Monsieur, " the only brother of Louis XIV. The marriage was not to be a happy one. Liselotte (known in France as Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orleans, or "Madame") was full of intellectual energy and moral rigor. Homesick for her native Germany, she felt temperamentally ill-suited to life at the French court. The homosexual Monsieur, deeply immersed in the pleasures and intrigues of the court, shared few of his wife's interests. Yet, for the next fifty years, Liselotte remained in France, never far from the center of one of the most glorious courts of Europe. And throughout this period, she wrote letters - sometimes as many as forty a week - to her friends and relatives in Germany. It is from this extraordinary body of correspondence that A Woman's Life in the Court of the Sun King has been fashioned. As introduced and translated by Elborg Forster, the letters have become the remarkable personal narrative of Liselotte's transformation from an innocent, yet outspoken, girl into a formidable observer of great events and human folly.

The Splendid Century

The Splendid Century Author W. H. Lewis
ISBN-10 9781787200562
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 315
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“The Splendid Century,” penned by the brother of famous author C. S. Lewis (“Alice in Wonderland”), is a depiction of various aspects of life in France during the reign of Louis XIV, gleaned through the author’s thorough research of records, correspondence, and journals of the time. Using anecdotal evidence, the book probes in detail various facets of life in France during this time, including the lives of nobles (particularly those at court) as well as commoners, religious institutions and conflicts, the organization of the French army and its restructuring, rural life and city life, what life was like on galley ships and passenger sailing ships, how doctors were trained, and the state of women’s education. The author also discusses the background behind Louis XIV’s policies, illustrating their impact on French civilization, both during this time and for generations to come. A must-read for anyone interested in French history.

To Dance with Kings

To Dance with Kings Author Rosalind Laker
ISBN-10 9780307394309
Release 2007-05-22
Pages 624
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On a May morning in 1664, in the small village of Versailles, as hundreds of young aristocrats are coming to pay court to King Louis XIV, a peasant fan-maker gives birth to her first and only child, Marguerite. Determined to give her daughter a better life than the one she herself has lived, the young mother vows to break the newborn’s bonds of poverty and ensure that she fulfills her destiny—to dance with kings. Purely by chance, a drunken nobleman witnesses the birth and makes a reckless promise to return for Marguerite in seventeen years. With those fateful words, events are set into motion that will span three monarchies, affecting the lives of four generations of women. Marguerite becomes part of the royal court of the Sun King, but her fairy-tale existence is torn out from under her by a change of political winds. Jasmin, Marguerite’s daughter, is born to the life of privilege her grandmother dreamed of, but tempts fate by daring to catch the eye of the king. Violette, Marguerite’s granddaughter, is drawn to the nefarious side of life among the nobles at Versailles. And Rose, Violette’s daughter, becomes a lady-in-waiting and confidante to Marie Antoinette. Through Rose, a love lost generations before will come full circle, even as the ground beneath Versailles begins to rumble with the chaos of the coming revolution. An epic generational tale of loves lost, promises kept, dreams broken, and monarchies shattered, To Dance with Kings is a story of passion and privilege, humble beginnings and limitless ambition. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Madame Du Barry

Madame Du Barry Author Joan Haslip
ISBN-10 185043753X
Release 2005-08-06
Pages 213
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Jeanne du Barry, courtesan and Louis XV's official mistress until his death, was the last of the French royal favourites, succeeding Madame de Pompadour. Four four years she was feted as one of France's most beautiful women, patron of artists such as Fragonard and Vernet, yet she had been born into the most humble circumstances - the illegitimate daughter of a monk and a seamstress. On Louis XV's death she became vulnerable to those who secretly longed for her downfall. Marie Antoinette had her imprisoned and in 1793 she was executed by the Revolutionary Tribunal for her aristocratic associations. In this incisive biography, Haslip portrays du Barry as an ordinary woman, thrust into extraordinary circumstances - a victim of her own beauty. Offers the general reader a clear, sure guide to life at the royal court of 18th century France.

The Sun King

The Sun King Author Nancy Mitford
ISBN-10 9781448103485
Release 2011-10-06
Pages 272
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WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY STELLA TILLYARD During his reign Louis XIV was the most powerful king in Europe. He presided over a golden age of military and artistic achievement in France, and deployed his charm and talents for spin and intrigue to hold his court and country within his absolute control. The Sun King's universe centred on Versailles, a glittering palace from where Louis conducted his government and complex love affairs. Nancy Mitford describes the daily life of this splendid court in sumptuous detail, recreating the past in vivid colour.

Mistress of the Sun

Mistress of the Sun Author Sandra Gulland
ISBN-10 9781416579441
Release 2008-06-03
Pages 400
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The author of the internationally acclaimed Josephine Bonaparte trilogy returns with another irresistible historical novel, this one based on the life of Louise de la Vallière, who, against all odds, became one of the most mysterious consorts of France's Louis XIV, the charismatic Sun King. Set against the magnificent decadence of the seventeenth-century French court, Mistress of the Sun begins when an eccentric young Louise falls in love with a wild white stallion and uses ancient magic to tame him. This one desperate action of her youth shadows her throughout her life, changing it in ways she could never imagine. Unmarriageable, and too poor to join a convent, Louise enters the court of the Sun King, where the king is captivated by her. As their love unfolds, Louise bears Louis four children, is made a duchess, and reigns unrivaled as his official mistress until dangerous intrigue threatens her position at court and in Louis's heart. A riveting love story with a captivating mystery at its heart, Mistress of the Sun illuminates both the power of true and perfect love and the rash actions we take to capture and tame it.

Selected Letters

Selected Letters Author Marie de Rabutin-Chantal marquise de Sévigné
ISBN-10 014044405X
Release 1982
Pages 319
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Describes the social and intellectual life of seventeenth-century France, including gossip about the court of King Louis XIV

The Sun King Conspiracy

The Sun King Conspiracy Author Yves Jégo
ISBN-10 1910477354
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 448
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A tale of religious brotherhoods, corruption, romantic intrigue and political scheming at the court of Louis XIV

Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency

Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV  and of the Regency Author Charlotte-Elisabeth Orléans (duchesse d')
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433071373108
Release 1824
Pages 472
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Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Secret Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency book for free.

Vulcan s Fury

Vulcan s Fury Author Alwyn Scarth
ISBN-10 0300091230
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 299
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This book describes fifteen of the most remarkable volcanic eruptions across the centuries along with first-hand accounts of the different ways people reacted to them.