A Theory of Everything

A Theory of Everything Author Ken Wilber
ISBN-10 9780834823044
Release 2001-10-16
Pages 208
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Here is a concise, comprehensive overview of Wilber's revolutionary thought and its application in today's world. In A Theory of Everything, Wilber uses clear, nontechnical language to present complex, cutting-edge theories that integrate the realms of body, mind, soul, and spirit. He then demonstrates how these theories and models can be applied to real-world problems in areas such as politics, medicine, business, education, and the environment. Wilber also discusses daily practices that readers take up in order to apply this integrative vision to their own everyday lives.

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Author Stephen W. Hawking
ISBN-10 1597775541
Release 2007
Pages 132
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A series of lectures by the renowned physicist reviews past ideas from Aristotle to Newton and Einstein's theories of gravity, the Big Bang, and black holes and explores quantum mechanics and the time and space proposition.


Superstrings Author P. C. W. Davies
ISBN-10 052143775X
Release 1992-07-31
Pages 234
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Discusses the background of the superstring theory and shares interviews with some of the physicists working on a unified theory of nature

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Author Kari Luna
ISBN-10 9781101603277
Release 2013-07-11
Pages 320
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One part Libba Bray's Going Bovine, two parts String Theory, and three parts love story equals a whimsical novel that will change the way you think about the world. Sophie Sophia is obsessed with music from the late eighties. She also has an eccentric physicist father who sometimes vanishes for days and sees things other people don’t see. But when he disappears for good and Sophie’s mom moves them from Brooklyn, New York, to Havencrest, Illinois, for a fresh start, things take a turn for the weird. Sophie starts seeing things, like marching band pandas, just like her dad. Guided by Walt, her shaman panda, and her new (human) friend named Finny, Sophie is determined to find her father and figure out her visions, once and for all. So she travels back to where it began—New York City and NYU’s Physics department. As she discovers more about her dad’s research on M-theory and her father himself, Sophie opens her eyes to the world’s infinite possibilities—and her heart to love. Perfect for fans of Going Bovine, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Probability of Miracles.

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Author Prince Gomolvilas
ISBN-10 1583421254
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 78
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The Theory of Everything has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Theory of Everything also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Theory of Everything book for free.

Jed Mckenna s Theory of Everything

Jed Mckenna s Theory of Everything Author Jed McKenna
ISBN-10 9780989175913
Release 2013-04-01
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We are programmed from birth to believe that our existence is an unsolvable riddle, but if we make an honest effort, we discover that mystery itself is the riddle. Not just what is the big mystery, but why is there any mystery at all? And what if there isn’t? What if the Mysterium Tremendum is just an internal belief without any external counterpart? What if the answers to life’s biggest questions were all hidden in plain sight? “If man will strike, strike through the mask! How can the prisoner reach outside except by thrusting through the wall?” Herman Melville Those interested in striking through the mask will welcome a theory of everything that makes sense, doesn’t rely on religious or scientific chicanery, and can be easily understood. And those familiar with Jed McKenna and the Enlightenment Trilogy will know that it’s not just a theory.

New Theories of Everything

New Theories of Everything Author John D. Barrow
ISBN-10 9780199548170
Release 2008
Pages 260
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Cosmology & the universe.

The Nordic Theory of Everything

The Nordic Theory of Everything Author Anu Partanen
ISBN-10 9780062316561
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 432
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A Finnish journalist, now a naturalized American citizen, asks Americans to draw on elements of the Nordic way of life to nurture a fairer, happier, more secure, and less stressful society for themselves and their children. Moving to America in 2008, Finnish journalist Anu Partanen quickly went from confident, successful professional to wary, self-doubting mess. She found that navigating the basics of everyday life—from buying a cell phone and filing taxes to education and childcare—was much more complicated and stressful than anything she encountered in her homeland. At first, she attributed her crippling anxiety to the difficulty of adapting to a freewheeling new culture. But as she got to know Americans better, she discovered they shared her deep apprehension. To understand why life is so different in the U.S. and Finland, Partanen began to look closely at both. In The Nordic Theory of Everything, Partanen compares and contrasts life in the United States with life in the Nordic region, focusing on four key relationships—parents and children, men and women, employees and employers, and government and citizens. She debunks criticism that Nordic countries are socialist “nanny states,” revealing instead that it is we Americans who are far more enmeshed in unhealthy dependencies than we realize. As Partanen explains step by step, the Nordic approach allows citizens to enjoy more individual freedom and independence than we do. Partanen wants to open Americans’ eyes to how much better things can be—to show her beloved new country what it can learn from her homeland to reinvigorate and fulfill the promise of the American dream—to provide the opportunity to live a healthy, safe, economically secure, upwardly mobile life for everyone. Offering insights, advice, and solutions, The Nordic Theory of Everything makes a convincing argument that we can rebuild our society, rekindle our optimism, and restore true freedom to our relationships and lives.

Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet Author Moataz H. Emam
ISBN-10 9781608052141
Release 2011-03-25
Pages 130
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We live in exciting times. the frontiers of physics have been pushed to unprecedented horizons. the Holy Grail of fundamental physics research today is to find and describe a theory that explains, at least in principle, all physical phenomena, which in turns explains chemistry, biology and other material sciences. This, however, is not without controversy. the current candidate for such a theory is known as string or superstring theory. It suffers from the problem of being a purely mathematical science with no experimental backing and belief in it has been criticized as bordering on "faith" as opposed to scientific scrutiny. On the other hand the recent switching-on of our most advanced experimental tool, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, gives new hope in our search for clues as to what the universe is made of on a fundamental level. What happened exactly on, or even before, the Big Bang? Where are we coming from and where are we going? Questions that have never been addressed before by physicists. the game is afoot and the search is on. This book contains articles by leading physicists describing the current situation. Among them are proponents as well as opponents of string theory, proponents of other ideas, and experimentalists.

The GOD Entity

The GOD Entity Author Scott S Gordon
ISBN-10 9781457538704
Release 2015-09-18
Pages 350
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Theoretical physics has reached an impasse that many feel is a dead end. As the odds of finding evidence for supersymmetry starts to fade, “new” theories have emerged such as “The Multiverse”, “Extra Dimensions”, and “Dimensional Transmutation”. These theories attempt to explain the inexplicable yet at the same time fail to explain the explainable. Many physicists are left frustrated and wondering aloud… How could we have travelled so far down the wrong path? “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ~ Albert Einstein Engineers know that the right answer is usually a simple one. As Einstein would put it, “The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.” Gordon’s theory of everything starts with only two postulates; the massless bosons called “Gordon Omnipresent Dots” or “GOD entities” and the E0 energy associated with their initial alignment. These primordial postulates are the only building blocks of a model that explains the inevitable course of events that created our universe. The mathematics created within this process corrects the postulates used to develop the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics which can finally be united and subsequently applied to the infinitesimally small and the infinitely large. We currently use parameters such as distance, time, straight lines, velocity, electric charge, energy fields, and mass. Gordon’s theory of everything begins at a time when none of these parameters existed (prior to the Big Bang). It takes nothing for granted as a predestined process unfolds creating these parameters as they come into existence defined by the evolving mathematics. The Gordon model reveals that energy exists in three separate Gordon energy states described by “The GOD equation”. The interaction between these energy states result in the formation of energy fi elds and the creation of all forces. Most importantly, the structure of space-time from the previously unrecognized G0 energy state provides the solid foundation upon which we are able to build a new understanding of everything in the universe. The simplicity and elegance of Gordon’s theory of everything will astonish everyone as everything falls into place. The purpose of this book is to put the field of physics on a theoretically sound foundation. The structures of the first few fundamental particles and the energy fields they generate are just the beginning. You will have the opportunity to make major contributions. Starting where this book leaves off at the up quark and electron, the race is on to find the internal structure of a neutron and all the particles of the standard model. Don’t be left behind…Be among the first to read Scott S Gordon’s, “The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything”

Theories of Everything Ideas in Profile

Theories of Everything  Ideas in Profile Author Frank Close
ISBN-10 9781782833093
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 103
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Physicist Frank Close takes the reader to the frontiers of science in a vividly told investigation of revolutionary science and enterprise from the seventeenth century to the present. He looks at what has been meant by theories of everything, explores the scientific breakthroughs they have allowed, and shows the far-reaching effects they have had on crucial aspects of life and belief. Theories of everything, he argues, can be described as those which draw on all relevant branches of knowledge to explain everything known about the universe. Such accounts may reign supreme for centuries. Then, often as a result of the advances they themselves have enabled, a new discovery is made which the current theory cannot explain. A new theory is needed which inspiration, sometimes, supplies. Moving from Isaac Newton's work on gravity and motion in the seventeenth century to thermodynamics and James Clerk Maxwell's laws of electromagnetism in the nineteenth to Max Planck's and Paul Dirac's quantum physics in the twentieth, Professor Close turns finally to contemporary physics and the power and limitations of the current theory of everything. The cycle in which one theory of everything is first challenged and then replaced by another is continuing right now.

The Illustrated Theory of Everything

The Illustrated Theory of Everything Author Stephen W. Hawking
ISBN-10 1932407073
Release 2003
Pages 119
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Accompanied by illustrations, a series of lectures by the renowned physicist reviews past ideas from Aristotle to Newton and Einstein's theories of gravity, the Big Bang, and black holes and explores quantum mechanics and the time and space proposition.

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything Author Lisa Grunwald
ISBN-10 0446393681
Release 1992
Pages 336
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Alexander Simon, a young scientist who is about to publish a unified theory of physics, finds his way of life shaken when his mother reappears after many years' absence and draws him into her world of palm readers and alchemists

Grand Unified Theorem

Grand Unified Theorem Author G. A. Oyibo
ISBN-10 UOM:39015058129589
Release 2004
Pages 126
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General theorem providing a mathematical basis for a Grand Unified Field Theory or a Theory of Everything (TOE) is presented. The Grand Unified Theorem produces a set of unified field equations from which Yang-Mills equations, other physical equations, and in general, mathematical equations, which have ever been known to human beings, can be recovered. The solution seems to mathematically represent the modification of space-time structure predicted by Einstein's general relativity theory. A good part of the material presented in this work has been reviewed by the American Mathematical Society and the European Mathematical Society in the Zentralblatt für Mathematik.

Universal Theory

Universal Theory Author Mohsen Kermanshahi
ISBN-10 9781581129434
Release 2007-05
Pages 268
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The intention of this work is to inform the non-specialist and the curious, who are intrigued by finding deeper understandings of our existence. With a clear, easily comprehensible and non-technical language, Universal Theory invites the layperson to join in the most exciting non-fictional adventure. It also welcomes the scientists who have reached roadblocks in their investigations and are willing to take a leap into the unexplored and often avoided areas of study. Universal Theory follows quantum mechanics' lead to challenge the boundaries between known physics and the unknown realm. "A new way of thinking or change in perspective may be needed to achieve a Theory of Everything and a true understanding of reality. Mohsen Kermanshashi has done an outstanding job in providing that new insight. Universal Theory is clearly written, thought-provoking, and fun to read. Highly recommended." Robert Armstrong, TOE Quest Editor

First Philosophy

First Philosophy Author Spencer Scoular
ISBN-10 9781581129670
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 429
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First Philosophy not only underlies the Theory of Everything, but also the Arrow of Time and philosophy itself. First Philosophy represents a comprehensive unified worldview based on a single unifying principle: "Laws of nature exist." First Philosophy is written for scientists, philosophers and the general reader who is scientifically or philosophically inclined. It is a book of knowledge that contains no preconceived philosophy or philosophical system. Instead, First Philosophy is logically deduced from our empirical knowledge of the universe. Not only is First Philosophy consistent with current scientific knowledge, but it also makes more than sixty testable scientific predictions. Some predictions, such as non-existence of Higgs particles, super-symmetric particles, Kaluza-Klein particles, and quark-gluon plasma, will each be tested once CERN's US$6 billion Large Hadron Collider is commissioned in late 2007.

The Girl Next Door S Theory of Everything

The Girl Next Door   S Theory of Everything Author Katie Young
ISBN-10 9781504373494
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 226
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We are living in ‘interesting’ times! You and so many others are recognising that this world and much of what you have based your life on is no longer making sense, but where do you find the answers? The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything is not just another self-help book. It is the prerequisite to life. It is packed with profound information that you have probably never been told. It will fill in the blanks of what life is all about, who you really are, why you are here and where you are going next. It provides you with the tools to recover your knowledge and understanding of yourself, your place in the universe, and your purpose and potential. It also explains how we have created, and why we are currently experiencing, such ‘interesting’ times on earth! The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything brings together ancient ideas, modern physics and wide ranging personal and professional experience to provide readers with a foundation for rediscovering global truths, about the purpose of life on Earth and beyond. What others say: The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything will touch your life and take you on a journey you never thought possible. Katie has a true gift, an amazing, unique, way of explaining the unexplainable. This book will support you as you come to realise who you really are and enable you to find the understanding of life we are all searching for. T.M. - ‘Girl Next Door’ In The Girl Next Doors Theory of Everything you sense Katie’s heartfelt intention throughout every chapter and her inspirational words will be a huge help for anyone looking to explore the nature of the existence we all share. It’s a remarkable first book which covers complex subjects in an accessible and exciting way. C.S. - ‘Boy Next Door’ In The Girl Next Door’s Theory of Everything, Katie’s kindness, authenticity and zest for life shines through in every word. This incredible book gave me a brand new understanding of life and a new connection with myself, which inspired and helped me through the most difficult of times. Katie is truly heaven sent. B.C.G. - ‘Girl Next Door’