Financial Fundamentals for Engineers

Financial Fundamentals for Engineers Author Richard Hill
ISBN-10 9780750669412
Release 2006
Pages 191
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Engineering means thrifty use of resources (labour, power, and materials). Money is the common measure for these however engineers are rarely taught how the realities of finance and economics will impact on the engineering decisions they make. Financial Fundamentals for Engineers sets out to show how finance interacts with engineering and why it matters. Basic financial concepts - money, profit, cash-flow - are explained using real-life examples. Key steps in the engineering cycle, like winning tenders, managing projects and getting paid are all explained in the context of becoming profitable and staying solvent. In the same accessible style that has been so popular with his students, George Solt tells engineers how finance can keep the wheels of engineering turning - and equally how it can cause those wheels to come off with calamitous results. * Step-by-step introduction to finance, why it matters and how it interacts with engineering * Communicates dry concepts in a dynamic, lively way using real-life examples and anecdotes * Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students as well as newly qualified professional engineers

Numerical Methods 4th

Numerical Methods  4th Author J. Faires
ISBN-10 9780495114765
Release 2012-04-23
Pages 608
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NUMERICAL METHODS, Fourth Edition emphasizes the intelligent application of approximation techniques to the type of problems that commonly occur in engineering and the physical sciences. Students learn why the numerical methods work, what kinds of errors to expect, and when an application might lead to difficulties. The authors also provide information about the availability of high-quality software for numerical approximation routines. The techniques are the same as those covered in the authors’ top-selling Numerical Analysis text, but this text provides an overview for students who need to know the methods without having to perform the analysis. This concise approach still includes mathematical justifications, but only when they are necessary to understand the methods. The emphasis is placed on describing each technique from an implementation standpoint, and on convincing the student that the method is reasonable both mathematically and computationally. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Conquering Infertility

Conquering Infertility Author Alice D. Domar
ISBN-10 9781440626487
Release 2004-02-24
Pages 320
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Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that affects nine million American couples each year. It causes tremendous stress, can trigger debilitating sadness and depression, and can tear a marriage to shreds. In Conquering Infertility, Harvard psychologist Alice Domar—whom Vogue calls the “Fertility Goddess”—provides infertile couples with what they need most: stress relief, support, and hope. Using the innovative mind/body techniques she has perfected at her clinic, Domar helps infertile women not only regain control over their lives but also boost their chances of becoming pregnant. With Conquering Infertility, women learn how to cope with infertility in a much more positive way and to carve a path toward a rich, full, happy life.

Renaissance Women Poets

Renaissance Women Poets Author Aemilia Lanyer
ISBN-10 9780141958934
Release 2001-01-25
Pages 464
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Whitney's two volumes of verse miscellany, 'Sweet Nosegay' (1573) and 'The Copy of a Letter' (1567), were part of a literary trend of combining classical and Biblical references with popular and vernacular sources, and reflect the growing literary appetites of the urban population. As well a selection of her original poetry, this volume includes Sidney's version of the Psalms of David and Petrach's 'Triumph of Death'. Lanyer's poetry is devotional and is the most single-minded and explicit inits advocacy of female spirituality and virtue. Included here are 'Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum' and 'The Description of Cooke-ham'.

Book Crush

Book Crush Author Nancy Pearl
ISBN-10 9781570616563
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 304
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From picture books to chapter books, YA fiction and nonfiction, Nancy Pearl has developed more thematic lists of books to enjoy. The Book Lust audience is committed to reading, and here is a smart and entertaining tool for picking the best books for kids. Divided into three sections—Easy Books, Middle-Grade Readers, and Young Adult—Nancy Pearl makes wonderful reading connections by theme, setting, voice, and ideas. For horse lovers, she reminds us of the mainstays in the category (Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, etc.) but then in a creative twist connects Mr. Revere and I to the list. In a list called Chapter One, she answers the proverbial question: which chapters books are the most compelling for kids who are now ready to move beyond picture books. And who says picture books aren’t deep? Recommended Folk Tales sort out many of life’s dilemmas and issues of good and bad; a selection of picture books on Death and Dying introduces this topic with sensitivity; and You’ve Got a Friend offers up books for early readers that show the complexities and the pleasures of relating to others. Parents, teachers, and librarians are often puzzled by the unending choices for reading material for young people. It starts when the kids are toddler and doesn’t end until high-school graduation. What’s good, what’s trash, what’s going to hold their interest? Nancy Pearl, America’s favorite librarian, points the way in Book Crush.

A Version of Reason

A Version of Reason Author Rob Jovanovic
ISBN-10 9781409111290
Release 2010-12-03
Pages 320
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The missing Manic - an authoritative look into the life and times of Richey Edwards, the Manic Street Preachers' guitarist who disappeared in 1995. The disappearance of Richey Edwards, troubled guitarist with the Manic Street Preachers, is one of rock and roll's great unresolved mysteries. His Vauxhall Cavalier was found abandoned in a service station car park near the Severn Bridge, a notorious suicide spot, in February 1995, a fortnight after Edwards had last been seen. The location of the car and the tape left in the deck - Nirvana's album In Utero - tended to point to one conclusion. However, it almost seemed too obvious a statement, and in A VERSION OF REASON, Rob Jovanovic unravels the complicated life and final days of Richey Edwards. Piecing together testimony from those close to Edwards Jovanovic seeks to produce an authoritative account of the life and times of Richey Edwards.

Cultural Resource Laws and Practice

Cultural Resource Laws and Practice Author Thomas F. King
ISBN-10 9780759121751
Release 2012-12-13
Pages 444
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In this fourth edition of the CRM classic, Thomas F. King shares his expertise in dealing with laws regulating the use of cultural resources. With wry insight, he explains the various federal, state, and local laws governing the protection of resources, how they have been interpreted, how they operate in practice, and even how they are sometimes in contradiction with each other. He provides helpful advice on how to ensure regulatory compliance in dealing with archaeological sites, historic buildings, urban districts, sacred sites and objects, shipwrecks, and archives. King also offers careful guidance through the confusing array of federal, state, and tribal offices concerned with CRM. Featuring updated analysis and treatments of key topics, this new edition is a must-have for archaeologists and students, historic preservationists, tribal governments, and others working with cultural resources.

Hermeneutics as Politics

Hermeneutics as Politics Author Stanley Rosen
ISBN-10 0300099878
Release 2003
Pages 213
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A critique of postmodern thought, reissued in a special 15th anniversary edition. In a new foreword, Robert Pippin argues that the book has rightfully achieved the status of a classic. Rosen illuminates the underpinnings of postmodernist thought, providing valuable insight as he pursues two arguments: first, that postmodernism, which regards itself as an attack upon the Enlightenment, is in fact merely a continuation of Enlightenment thought; and second, that the extraordinary contemporary emphasis upon hermeneutics is the latest consequence of the triumph of history over mathematics and science.

Absolute Planetary

Absolute Planetary Author Warren Ellis
ISBN-10 1401227015
Release 2010
Pages 384
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When Snow initiates the second part of his comeback plan to stop The Four, he makes a startling revelation about his past, and uncovers information on the world's first moon shot in 1851.

Dr Atkins New Diet Value Pack

Dr  Atkins  New Diet Value Pack Author Robert C. Atkins
ISBN-10 0871319373
Release 2000
Pages 144
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New hardcover edition comes packaged with a free copy of Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter.

Any Known Blood

Any Known Blood Author Lawrence Hill
ISBN-10 9781554686575
Release 2011-02-08
Pages 656
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Contains extra content -- insights, interviews and more! Langston Cane V is thirty-eight, divorced and childless, and has just been fired for sabotaging a government official’s speech. The eldest son of a white mother and prominent black father, Langston feels more acutely than ever the burden of his illustrious family name. After a run-in with his father in Oakville, Langston takes off for Baltimore, where he embarks on a remarkable quest to uncover his family’s past—and his own sense of self. At once elegant and sensuous, wry and witty, Any Known Blood slips effortlessly from the slave trade of 19th-century Virginia to the modern, predominantly white suburbs of Oakville, Ontario—once a final stop on the Underground Railroad. Rich in historical detail, Any Known Blood is an engrossing tale about one man’s attempt to find himself through unearthing and giving voice to those who came before him.

The Week End Book

The Week End Book Author Francis Meynell
ISBN-10 1590200357
Release 2008-05
Pages 370
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The Week End Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Week End Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Week End Book book for free.

Fundamentals of Hybrid Rocket Combustion and Propulsion

Fundamentals of Hybrid Rocket Combustion and Propulsion Author Martin J. Chiaverini
ISBN-10 1563477033
Release 2007
Pages 648
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Fundamentals of Hybrid Rocket Combustion and Propulsion is the first text to offer a comprehensive treatment of hybrid rockets. The book editors have pooled together some of the most respected minds in the field, each providing their very special insight and expertise to the text. The content is therefore as up-to-date as it is broad. Each chapter offers an expert account of every aspect of hybrid rocket propulsion, including fundamental aspects of hybrid combustion, numerical and theoretical approaches, and various applications. All chapters are enhanced with more than 25 to 35 graphical elements--including tables, figures and photographs--making for an easy and informative read. Chapter topics include: an introduction to basic features of hybrid rockets; solid-fuel regression rate and pyrolysis phenomena; numerical and analytical approaches to investigating hybrid rocket combustion and fuel regression behavior; combustion instability; specialized fuels and oxidizers; various aspects of practical applications of hybrid motors; and a survey of alternative geometry hybrid motors. In general, this is a must-have resource for anyone currently working in or studying rocket propulsion.